Welcome To the NEW STACK! Your One Stop Pop Culture Shop

Ladies & Gentlemen, friends world over, four years ago Jim Bennett and Jon Hughes decided to start a little podcast, never an episode was missed and bonus eps where abound, tears of laughter were shed, rants were had but times change and things move on…

With that we would like to announce the next evolution of STACK with STACK Online – Your one stop pop culture shop.

We decided after all this time it was time to expand and draw on all the awesome people we have gotten to know to bring you even more STACK goodness!

Stackpod still exists in all its glory but we are joined on the new site by a bevvy of new faces bringing even more content than ever before! Our resident STACK OG Jim is bringing his unboxing videos and comic reviews, we have Nerdy Vixen who will pop onto the pod even more, our long time listener and friend Darren, bringing his own views with his reviews and news, Siobhan more commonly known as @DCWorldHarley doing unboxings and reviews from the world of DC women, Erica who is our resident Marvelette bringing you the goings on in the world of Marvel, GG Customs an amazing team who do incredible custom pop vinyls and our good friend Joby who not only is still a partner to this site with his amazing artwork but he and Jim also do a monthly wrestling podcast.

If that wasnt enough we are still looking for more people to join in! Have something to say? want to contribute to the site with your own views? contact us as always on twitter @stackpod and get involved!

So join us in welcoming new friends to the STACK family

Changes are Afoot at the Cirlcle K


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