Thoughts By Jake – Will Josh Trank Return?

It has been roughly a year or so ago since I saw Fant4stic in the cinema and no news of Josh Trank returning to the directors chair has been announced.
To briefly some up what I thought of Fant4stic, I’ll put it this way: I didn’t hate it or love, I just have no real feelings toward it. Most have already torn the movie to shreds and I don’t think I have anything to say on the matter. I didn’t think it was a good movie but not a bad one either, I just have indifference toward it.
I also won’t bore you with the details of what went down in the production, to put it this way, it wasn’t pretty and most have stayed clear of Trank as a result. (The funny thing is the behind the scenes production trouble was more interesting than the movie).
But here is the big question, Could Trank return to the directors chair? Yes and No.
There is a slim possibility and it’s only a slim one that Trank may be able to work as a self employed director who runs his own production company but as far as being able to be hired by Fox or any major studio, it is unlikely to be the case unless he makes some kind of amends, especially with respect to the damage he allegedly caused during production and his negative tweet (which he promptly deleted later) distancing himself from the film. The following statement Trank released a day before his film opened:
“A year ago I had a fantastic version of this. And it would’ve received great reviews. You’ll probably never see it. That’s reality though.”
The problem that faces Josh Trank is that Fant4stic has effectively poisoned his name and career, His name in Hollywood is toxic. Future projects even if they are as successful as Chronicle (which I have not seen yet at the time of writing this article) in terms of critical response, they will not yield decent box office returns like Chronicle, at least for a while or they constantly flop unless again he makes reparations for what happened with Fant4stic.
Chronicle may have been the film that put Trank in the spotlight but Fant4stic has damaged that film to an extent that it may fade into obscurity or when Trank’s name is mentioned, people will look back on Fant4stic and that will be the movie they associate with him, not a good way to be remembered by history.
Fox or Trank, Who is at fault?
As for who is to blame for Fant4stic turning out the way it did, Whether Fox shoulders the blame or not for changing Trank’s vision, that is irrelevant, I personally believe that Fox were well intentioned in trying to salvage the movie and try to make it work but it just didn’t click.
Having said that, Neither Fox nor Trank should shift the blame but I’d say Trank should have handled the situation in a more mature manner and the studio should have sat with Trank in a meeting of some kind to discuss what could be done with the movie before it began its production.
Assuming that Trank wasn’t allowed to actually go through with his vision, He should not have thrown his toys out of the pram and just be obnoxious or unpleasant on set when he didn’t get his own way. On the other hand, Fox definitely should have trusted Trank to know what he is doing, again assuming that Trank was not allowed to do his take on The Fantastic Four, namely a gritty take on them (Because every film has to be just like the Christopher Nolan Batman films and completely miss the point of why they were excellent movies).
On a little side note, I think Brian Singer should have been given some creative control to guide Trank in the right direction while at the same time letting Trank do his own take on the Fantastic Four, that is if Brian Singer were interested.
What say you?


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