Robster Reviews – Luke Cage

We have a new reviewer here at STACK our good friend Rob has joined to give his take on….well on whatever takes his fancy! Here’s his first ‘Luke Cage’

Sweet Christmas, it’s Luke Cage!

Having totally stanned for Jessica Jones and Daredevil I was in no doubt that Luke Cage would be another Marvel TV series from Netflix that would make me want to cancel all future plans in favour of a good old binge. Luke Cage definitely shone in Jessica Jones so a whole series about the man with super human strength and regenerative healing powers was pretty damn exciting. 

Normally I have a 3 episode rule for any new programme. If I can’t get into it after 3 episodes I give up. Luke Cage took 5!!! In episode 5 things get going with more action, more of a story and more importantly Rosario Dawson. Yes – the first few episodes are a slow drive through snoozeville, but what comes after rewards you for sticking with it. 

Luke Cage pretty much sticks true with the story from the comics. No spoilers here but with some completely unexpected twists and turns and the occasional nod to Power Man this goes from a dull start to totally awesome. Theres a Tarantino/Jackie Brown vibe throughout the whole show which gives it that little extra edge and made me want to go find the soundtrack! 

So how does Luke Cage compare to the other Marvel TV series?  The storyline is very good, but fundamentally I wanted to see Luke beat the crap out of everyone in sight. Perhaps this is Marvel portraying its characters more realistically, showing their human/vulnerable side just as much as their kickass superheroness, but for me there could have been more fights and more blood. We all expect a back story to be told and in fairness the way we learn about Luke’s past is done pretty well and the more we learn the better we understand him. We are also give back stories for Cottonmouth and his sinister cousin Mariah Dillard which actually only adds to their appeal. The supporting cast is really strong with Misty Knight, Shades and Cottonmouth all standing out in my mind as superb! Mike Colter himself is excellent and has achieved that status of establishing a character you just can’t imagine anyone else playing. The essential ‘final showdown’ is played out really well is made even more enjoyable by the participation of the Harlem residents. 

All in all Luke Cage is a decent stand alone Marvel series, and although slow at times is cast brilliantly enough to leave you wanting more! Bring on The Defenders 👍


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