GG Customs Is Back!

It’s been a long time since my last post! We took a break from commissions for a while, but now we are back!

First up is Rogue! We love the 90’s comic TV shows (favourite being Batman the animated series of course!) so this was a real treat to work on.

Chrissie put together this killer Jaqen to meet Tom Wlaschiha at Wales Comic Con back in November and have signed – and he loved it! He lit up when he saw it, finally seeing himself in pop form and told Chrissie she should be writing to HBO and Funko for royalties when and if they finally release an official one!

Chris put together a custom of The Undefeated Gaul himself to meet his man crush Manu Bennett, also at Wales Comic Con, which resulted in a 10 minute delay in the queue as Manu sent over email and shipping details as he wanted one for himself!

A second Crixus was built up alongside a custom mystery mini shortly after!

image5Finally, a tease of some upcoming projects…


Expect to see more of us soon!

– Chris and Chrissie @ GG Customs


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