STACK WARS Episode 1 – 80s Fantasy Adventure

Welcome to Stack Wars our new feature where two films from the same genre are pitted against each other, and only one can win.

First up, picked by @lastsonjim is Ridley Scott’s 1985 classic ‘Legend‘ starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. The tone of the film is set straight away. A goblin with a heart black as midnight and full of hate is making his way through a dark, magical forest to a castle where the Lord of Darkness lives. Darkness can feel a presence in the forest which threatens his dark powers and sends the goblin off the deal with it.

As you’d expect, there is a good part of the forest where Princess Lily and her poor, forest man-child love interest, Jack lives. Jack surprises the princess by taking her to see magical unicorns but when she boldly touches one things don’t go well. The goblins who seem to be following Lily chase the unicorns and cut off one of their horns which means the forest turns to ice. It turns out that unicorns keep the good parts of the forest good and combat the dark.

Jack starts a quest to find the stolen unicorn horn and finds himself doing double the work as he has to save Princess Lily and the last remaining unicorn, who have been imprisoned by the goblins. He gets a helping hand from Gump the elf, Oona the fairy and some of their pals too.

This film is a classic tale of good versus evil and blasts the message that we all have the capability to be a hero. It’s the 80’s at its best – cheesy, questionable sets and costumes and some OVERacting. My favourite part of the film is when Darkness falls in love with the princess and tries to woo her into falling for him. Watching her wind him up and scream in protest of marrying him is pretty amusing. Tim Curry’s portrayal of Darkness is nothing short of incredible!

Would I watch it again? Yes!

Robster’s rating 2/5

Next we have @thatvinylgeek’s choice, the 1987 film ‘The Princess Bride‘. 80’s icon, Fred Savage is sick in bed and is visited by his Grandfather who offers to read him a story to make him feel better. 

The book is called The Princess Bride and is about a Princess named Buttercup who falls in love with her farm boy, Westley. When Westley leaves the farm to seek fortune he is captured by pirates. Thinking her true love is dead (of course he isn’t), Buttercup is betrothed to Prince Humperdinck. She finds herself kidnapped by 3 men she stumbles across in the woods while riding her horse, and so the adventure begins. 

With some twists and turns along the journey it’s left to Westley to save Buttercup from marrying the awful Prince. 

This film actually wasn’t what I was expecting. Yes essentially it’s a love story, but it’s bloody funny and boasts quite a fantastic cast including Cary Elwes, Robin Wright and Peter Flalk. My only one gripe is that it’s a PG because we could have used some smutty jokes thrown in there too! Inigo and Fezzick really remind me of Shrek and Puss In Boots, which I loved. Oh and by the way, keep an eye out for the awesome toys Fred Savage has in his bedroom!!!

I would totally go out and buy this film.

Robster’s rating 3/5 …..

Which means that THE PRINCESS BRIDE is the winner of Stack Wars round one. 

Episode 2 next, Sci-Fi Comedy!!



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