Robster Reviews – Spider-Man Homecoming

After the initial WTF about the Homecoming title for the new Spider-Man film, it actually fitted the story very well. Spider-Man has been re-introduced in a way which appeals to fans old and new. 

So this is the third generation of Spider-Man films. My biggest annoyance when the reboot was announced was having to go through the whole origin story again. Luckily, having been introduced in Civil War we didn’t need to watch Peter being bitten by a spider blah blah blah. Homecoming picks up where Peter Parker’s journey ended in Civil War and is a perfect beginning to a practically perfect Spider-Man film. Part of the appeal of these Marvel films is how they all intertwine and relate to each other, and I really enjoyed having a Spider-Man film which fitted in with the rest of the Marvel world for the first time. 

So, trying to keep this spoiler free I won’t go into the nitty gritty. The film really has a coming of age vibe to it. Peter has already begun testing out his spidey powers and with the help of Tony Stark and his new suit, is working on mastering them. We have different characters in this film compared to the previous versions. There’s no sign of Harry Osborne or Mary Jane, instead we have Ned as Peter’s witty, fanboy best bud and Liz is his school boy crush. Zendaya’s character, Michelle, has to be one of my favourites in the film. She’s weird, she’s quirky and is always lurking in the background delivering fantastic one liners. Marisa Tomei also gives us a whole new take on Aunt May, which at first I wasn’t sure of (mainly because I love Sally Field). The younger, sexier Aunt May totally works and adds a new dimension to the Spider-Man story. Michael Keaton is simply superb as the villain, Vulture. He’s got a back story which gives purpose to the character, he’s even got a motive which is valid. The movie’s interpretation of Vulture was awesome and the costume is freaking beautiful. It kind of reminded me of what they tried to do, but not so well, with Sandman in Spider-Man 3. There’s some twists and turns with the Vulture’s story which I kicked myself for not guessing before the reveal. As I was left open jawed I realised that it was played out perfectly in the film, almost like the scene was written and filmed to give the audience time to freak out. It’s expected that there is going to be a moral to the story, and this time it’s that it’s who you are on the inside that counts. Peter learns that he doesn’t need the flashy suits to be brilliant. Oh, and there was a surprise appearance from a familiar face right towards the end which had me jumping for joy. 

We all knew Tony Stark would be featuring in it too. Personally, I was hoping we wouldn’t have too much Tony, and was pleasantly surprised that Homecoming had just the right amount of Starkness. He’s there as a mentor for Peter and turns up when he’s needed and that is the perfect amount. We also have Happy, Stark’s right hand guy, keeping an eye on Peter throughout and I felt like that was a great addition to the film. 

Finally, let’s discuss Tom Holland. I find myself in a huge minority of people who really enjoyed Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. In fact …. I much preferred him to Tobey Maguire. Therefore I was a little disgruntled when they recast the role (again). Tom Holland is impeccable as Peter Parker. Sometimes you come across a character which has been perfectly cast, and Tom was born to play Spider-Man. As a kid I got into the whole superhero thing mainly from watching cartoons, rather than reading comics. Tom Holland plays Spider-Man just how I remember the cartoons in the 80s and 90s. I can’t find anything more to say than he was perfect! 

If you are in two minds about seeing this you need to drop EVERYTHING and head down to the local cinema. 



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