STACK WARS Episode 2 – Sci-Fi Comedy

Spaceballs is a 1987 parody of Star Wars which stars a whole host of 80s legends including John Candy, Rick Moranis, Mel Brooks and most impressively, the black guy from Police Academy.

It starts off with an intro just like the Star Wars films and then on screen appears a spaceship which surely consumes three quarters of the Galaxy named Spaceballs One. 

Planet Spaceball’s President Skroob has set Dark Helmet the task of stealing air from Planet Druidia to replenish the air supply which is depleting on their planet. Rick Moranis plays Dark Helmit and he’s nothing short (he is actually pretty short) of hilarity. He’s a total klutz, plays with dolls and believes that evil always wins because good is stupid. 

Our hero, Lone Starr and his right hand Mog (half man, half dog), Barf are recruited by King Roland of Druidia to save his daughter, Princess Vespa and her robot gal pal, Dot Matrix who have fled from her wedding to gormless Prince Valium. He agrees to get her back home but there’s a few bumps along the road and they end up crashing onto a Moon where they come across The Everlasting Knowitall, Yoghurt. Lone Starr is given some quick but clearly effective training in how to use the power of the Schwartz, which helps him rescue Princess Vespa again after she’s kidnapped by Dark Helmet. 

Dark Helmet begins to use his newly transformed ship to suck the air out of Druidia but along comes Lone Starr just in time to stop his father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate from ruining the planet. 

Dark Helmet, President Skroob and Colnol Sanders are exploded into space and find themselves landing on the Planet of the Apes. There are other familiar references in Spaceballs too like Indiana Jones, The Wizard of Oz, Aliens and Star Trek. 

The film ends as you would expect with Lone Starr marrying Princess Vespa and everyone lives happily ever after.

I actually can’t believe I’d never seen this film before, it’s brilliant! The jokes are lame enough to have you belly laughing and also, it’s starring John Candy, I mean that is reason enough to watch it! 

The 1999 geeky comedy, Galaxy Quest stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman as actors from a tv show not too different to Star Trek, called ‘Galaxy Quest’. The film begins with the cast attending a convention 18 years after the show has finished. Jason who played The Commander in the show is the only one who is still caught up in the buzz of it all and the others are clearly pissed that he happily hogs the limelight. 

Jason goes on a bender after hearing attendees slating him in the toilets. He wakes up the next morning to a group of people at his house who he assumes are picking him up for another job he’d booked. They are in fact an alien race called Thermians who take him aboard their ship while he sleeps off a hangover. 

He doesn’t realise he’s been recruited as the Commander of their ship until he asks to go home and is sky rocketed back to earth. The first thing he does is find Gwen, Alex, Fred and Tommy (the rest of the cast) to tell them and in no time they find themselves back on the ship as a team, along with Guy who only appeared in one episodes where he died at the end.

The aliens are convinced they are their characters and the ship from the show has been exactly replicated by them. Jason and his cast mates find themselves trying to put a stop to evil Sarris attacking the Thermians. It’s really funny watching them trying to use a space ship they have only acted in. There’s some twists and turns but they manage to put their acting to good use in order to save their alien friends and kill Sarris.

They crash back on Earth but in the middle of another convention they were due to attend. This scene is excellent – I wonder if we could get Heroes and Villains to do a similar stunt with the casts from the Arrowverse at London next year? And we get a happy ending that leaves you feeling all warm inside as ‘Galaxy Quest’ gets recommissioned. 

I enjoyed this film. It’s funny, but not as obviously funny as Spaceballs. Being someone who is really into television programmes and sometimes has to remind myself they aren’t real, it was a really enjoyable watch. My favourite character has to be Guy! 

And the winner for episode 2 is ……..

SPACEBALLS which gives @LastSonJim his first victory!!!



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