Robster Reviews – Game of Thrones – S7 Ep 2

Daenerys has made good use of that table at Dragonstone. Along with Tyrion and the others she has started planning her battle. She begins to question Lord Varys and leaves him in no doubt that she’s not convinced of his loyalty to her seeing as he has run from one family to another in the past, oh and of course the fact that he was part of her trade to the Dothraki. His response is pretty good in fairness, he places his loyalty with the people and although he refuses to pledge blind allegiance to her, he wants to help her get the throne. Daenerys makes him promise he won’t conspire behind her back and throws in the added threat that she will burn him alive if he does! 

Melisandre pays them a visit and spouts another prophecy or two for Daenerys. She tells Daenerys that the Prince who was promised can bring the dawn, which Missandei interprets as Prince or Princess. Melisandre convinces Daenerys she needs Jon Snow by her side, which is backed up by Tyrion who confirms what a good man he is and that he too has issues with Cersei. Daenerys sends a raven inviting Jon to Dragonstone. 

Up north, Jon asks for Sansa’s advice about going to meet with Daenerys and Tyrion. Sansa tells Jon of Tyrion’s kindness but she is still unsure if they should trust him. 

Cersei is still in pursuit of building her army. She is meeting with Lord Tarly and is working hard at trying to convince him of how dangerous Daenerys is. He doubts her and questions if she’s even thought about how she will stop the dragons. Jaime takes Lord Tarly for a little walk and continues to try to win him over. Tarly  reminds Jaime that he has sworn an oath to House Tyrell and tells him that he doesn’t stab people in the back. Jamie’s last ditch attempt is to tell him that when the war is finished Lord Tarly will become Warden of the South. 

Later on we see Cersei waking through dark corridors below the castle and finds dragon bones. She’s working out how she can defeat them and shatters some dragon remains when she shoots a huge arrow at them.

Archmaester Ebrose and Sam Tarly have taken Jorah out of his cell and are assessing the extent of his greyscale. Ebrose tells him he will still probably live for 10 years but will lose his mind after 6 months. Sam talks of how Shireen Baratheon was cured of greyscale, or at least it was stopped from taking her whole body. Ebrose feels that Jorah’s case is too advanced and he’s beyond their help. Ebrose plans to ship Jorah off so that he can live the rest of his days out with the stonemen.

Sam returns to Jorah, who is spending his last day of freedom writing Daenerys a letter as he thinks he’s found the cure. He ignores advise from Ebrose and starts picking off the greyscale from Jorah’s body. I don’t think I’ll be eating custard anytime soon!

Back at Dragonstone, Daenerys is joined by Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand and Yara and Theon Greyjoy. After they all explain their reasons for why they should attack Kings Landing, Daenerys tells them they won’t be doing that. She plans to seize the capital by taking over the outskirts, stopping supplies from going in. An overwhelming joint hatred for Queen Cersei joins these different houses together, and they all offer Daenerys their support after she promises that Cersei will pay for what she’s done. Olenna leaves Daenerys with one last piece of advice – not to trust Tyrion. 

Greyworm is paid a visit by Missandei as he’s preparing to lead the Unsullied to Casterly Rock. It’s quite an emotional scene actually as he basically declares his love for her and he allows her to see him with no clothes on. I don’t really get how sex works between them seeing as he’s all unsullied and stuff but Missandei seemed to be enjoying herself. 

Arya finds her old friend Hot Pie. He feeds her and tells her how Jon won the battle of the bastards and is standing tall at Winterfell as King of the North. She decides that’s where she is heading and leaves straight away. We see her making camp in the woods and ends up being surrounded by wolves. She turns around and standing in front of her is Nymeria, or at least she thinks it is! Arya calms Nymeria down by reminding her who she is and asks her to travel back home with her. Nymeria turns around and leaves, taking the other wolves with her and with a smile on her face Arya says ‘That’s not you’. What????? Was it Nymeria or not? It was! Wasn’t it? Nymeria needs to stop playing hard to get and help Arya find her way home! 

The final scene was one of those classic Game of Thrones scenes that come out of nowhere and just blow you away. The Greyjoys are on their ship with their new friends from Dorne. Yara and Ellaria are interrupted during some awkward foreplay while Theon is forced to watch by a big bang. They are being attacked by Euron. A battle erupts which results in Ellaria and her daughters killed. As Yara tries to take in all the fire and fighting around her she comes face to face with her Uncle who taunts her by asking for a kiss. Yara ends up being held with a knife sticking in her throats and Theon is called to save her. Yes Theon!! This is your chance to prove that you still have fight in you! That you will keep your word and protect your sister, that Ramsey should never have castrated you or made you live with the dogs and name you Reek. Oh wait …. he jumps overboard and leaves Yara to it. Great!

Daenerys really is moving in as the central character now. The others are either planning to stand by her side, or kill her and most of them are unsure if she is as mad as her father. I’m so looking forward to her meeting Jon Snow, but gutted at the same time that he’s left just as Arya is making her way back home. We need all 4 remaining Starks together!



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