Stackify – Our Spotify Playlist for July 2017

Howdo all and welcome to the first of what will be a monthly feature on STACK. As our resident vinyl “expert” I thought it only right that I create a Spotify playlist to pleasure your ears. So each month I will update this playlist based on stuff I have bought, TV shows I have watched, and things I have been listening to. There will also be a couple of tracks contributed by our other lovely STACK members. If I have the incination I may also do a little write up on the songs and their reason for inclusion….so without further ado, you can find this months playlist here:

The songs included this month are:

A Real Hero (Electric Youth) – This is from the “Drive” soundtrack, and is a track I really like, “Drive” is awesome, and the soundtrack is an absolute cracker, check it out if you haven’t already.

Go Go Power Rangers (Ron Wasserman) – If you have been keeping up with the videos on the STACK youtube channel you will see that I did a review of a new vinyl pressing of the original TV show soundtrack for Power Ranger recently. Surely one of the greatest theme songs of all time!

Stranger Things (Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein) – Title theme from possibly the greatest TV show of the past ten years? If you haven’t seen the trailer for season 2, you need to…now!

Humungous (Declan McKenna) – I’ve only recently discovered Declan and am really enjoying his debut album, this is the opening track and gives a good feel for the rest of this stuff.

Hurt (Johnny Cash) – I am a huge Johnny Cash fan, he is possibly my favourite artist of all time, his cover of Hurt (Originally by Nine Inch Nails) is an absolute MASTERPIECE. So much so that a lot of people assume the Cash version came first.

Guilty (The Blues Brothers) – The Blues Brothers is my favourite film of all time, no question, so I had to add something. Instead of being predictable and going with “Everybody (needs somebody)” I thought I’d include Guilty, which is brilliant performed.

Blood On My Name (The Brothers Bright) – I heard this song whilst watching The Blacklist (great show). I wanted a copy of the track on vinyl so ended up buying the Music on Vinyl special edition of the soundtrack on limited red J

The Lost Boy (Greg Holden) – Another show which features amazing music is Sons of Anarchy, and this song is from one of the greatest scenes in the whole show…no spoilers! It also introduced me to Greg Holden, who is a brilliant singer song writer, I highly recommend checking him out.

Man or Muppet (Walter, Jason Segel) – No words, this is amazing. SING IT LOUD. I wish they would release the soundtrack on vinyl!

Hotel California (The Eagles) – One of the greatest songs of all time, no other reason to have this on here other than I love it

Love & Hate (Michael Kiwanuka) – Not all of the tracks will be geek related. This is just a brilliant track from a brilliant album of a brilliant artist…ensure to check him out

Running Up That Hill (Placebo) – I love this version of the Kate Bush song. I don’t know much other Placebo stuff though. This cover first came to my attention when WWE used it for their vignettes to promote the HBK v Undertaker Wrestlemania rematch!

Come Join The Murder (The White Buffalo) – Quite possibly the best song from Sons of Anarchy, features in the final ever episode. Love The White Buffalo!

Stand By Me (Bootstraps) – A song that I never through I would appreciate a cover of….but this is something different. It’s from the soundtrack of the new Power Rangers movie, I recommend watching the film, it’s a really nice set up for what is to come…I hope

One Man Army (A Thousand Horses) – I’m a big country fan, and am really enjoying the rocky edge that A Thousand Horses bring.

Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang (Silver) – I had to include something from one of the Awesome Mixes, and settled on this. I am sure I will be adding more in the future, but this song just makes me smile at the moment

Friends, Lovers or Nothing (John Mayer) – There is not a single situation in life that their doesn’t seem to be a John Mayer song for. The guy is a genius lyricist. Again nothing geeky about this, I just really like the song

The Night We Met (Lord Huron) – Another artist I discovered due to a TV show, this time 13 Reasons Why. 13 Reasons Why is a great Netflix exclusive show that I suggest everyone watches. It is about a girl who commits suicide and leaves behind the reasons for her actions, some of it is pretty harrowing and hard to watch, and some people said the subject matter was glorified, but I really couldn’t disagree more

Misery (Creeper) – Creeper are a fairly new UK rock/metal band, who happily admit they love Jim Steinman, which is fine by me! Their album “Eternity in Your Arms” is well worth a listen, and I have a lovely signed purple version of it

You Make My Dreams (Hall and Oates) – A MAZING

Dare (Stan Bush) – I love the soundtrack to the originally “Transformers: The Movie”, I have a special edition vinyl which I might do a video for soon. Personally I think Dare is a better track than “The Touch”….debate!

No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper) – Rocky Iv may not be the best Rocky Movie (surely that honour goes to 2), but it has the best soundtrack and I believe is the most quotable…”if he dies, he dies”!



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